At OFR, our commitment to safety and compliance is paramount.


OFR leads the industry in providing the Agricultural Sector with exceptional labor force.


At OFR, we place our people first above anything else.


We approach every project with a positive attitude and invaluable leadership.


At OFR Inc., we place our people first. We believe in having an attitude to serve and achieving goals that our customers have set out for us. We believe that OFR is making our industry a better place to work in by being an authentic leader in providing for our people, in ways that we can. Our safety and compliance commitment is paramount and so is our determination to be of service.


With a life of agriculture under his belt, Oscar Ramos, CEO of OFR, Inc. knows the ins and outs of the field. Raised on a family ranch run by his father, Oscar worked many of the activities he now contracts for. This not only provided Oscar the knowledge to gauge the quality of services but also the wisdom to nurture a vineyard to its fullest potential. When OFR, Inc. was founded it was like any other labor contracting company, run out of a small office with few key members. With Oscar steering the company and his few supporting people, OFR picked up momentum quickly. Oscar’s knowledge created a modernized vision of what labor contracting could be if people are placed first. Implementing all the successful elements of traditional contracting along with steadfast preventive measures to attack the details he’d seen to be the downfall of so many FLC’s over the years. To accomplish this, OFR invested its early profits into creating teams that would be directly responsible for each component of farm labor. Where Field Operations would oversee quality and production, Safety & Compliance would address injury reporting, employee safety training, and OSHA Compliance. Our commitment to provide a safe work environment lead to our initiative, Making Ag Safe, to put the safety of our people at the forefront of everything that we do.

As we have grown over the years, we have created a multi-layered service company. We call it Super-FLC. We can offer our clients anything from farm labor, risk management assessment, compliant job sites, and proper record-keeping. Our additional service departments consist of trucking, machine harvesting operations, and vineyard-orchard development.


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Farm Labor Contracting

Operating in numerous counties throughout California, OFR contracts labor to farm companies. In addition to meeting farms’ need for seasonal activities, we also contract for long term employees and provide agricultural employee management services. Our dedicated safety and compliance team partners with our field operations supervisors to ensure an adequate source of skilled employees while abiding specific safety standards set forth by Cal-Osha.

Ag Construction Vineyard-Orchard Development


Throughout our years of supplying skilled employees to farm companies, we became proficient in new site development specializing in vineyards and orchards. Our Ag Construction team serves our customers by organizing land development plans, providing most trellis supplies, and carrying out installations. We offer competitive prices as a result of our supply relationship from manufacturing mills. Our professional installation services include spreading wire for trellis projects, post installation, irrigation trenching and pipe installations, and light excavation.

OFR Transport


Our transportation team focuses on providing safe, compliant, and reliable trucking services. We exercise routine safety trainings for our drivers and conduct regular truck maintenance to always operate at the highest quality. In effort to be environmentally conscious, our trucks run by today’s clean emissions standards. We are available to serve our industry by moving harvest equipment, agricultural products, miscellaneous precious materials, and more.


For the Betterment of Our Mission
We are always looking for exceptional talent. If you believe you have what it takes to work in a fast growing Ag Business and you possess leadership qualities, please feel free to contact us by telephone or simply email/mail your resume to our human resources department. OFR Inc., offers a great environment to work and is an equal opportunity employer.

If you are interested in learning more about our available positions, please send your resume to our Human Resources department.


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