Welcome to OFR Inc., the company that knows your trellis needs. We are based and located in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California, and have been selling trellis supplies and installing vineyards for 25 years. Our expertise and art of installing vineyards comes from the experience that our staff and crews have obtained from years of making vineyards possible. Our humble beginnings come from helping growers, managers, consulting companies, and wineries install their vineyards with the help of our trained crews. From our reputation of quick turn around on installation projects we made the decision of integrating the sales of the required materials or trellis supplies and hardware. Since we have encompassed some of the necessary requirements for a vineyard we then can offer a turnkey package on vineyard development, to say, we can quote you prices on the required materials and then assist you in the installation of your purchase.

Applying our knowledge of working with trellis systems and installation we also offer trellis supplies for orchard development. If itís plums, apples, or dense olive oil planting it is no problem to supply you with the necessary materials from our list of products.

If you are looking for surveying, trellis supplies and installation for your vineyard or orchard then you came to the right place.